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Rehabilitation of spinal patients

In 2014 the European Union of Medical Specialists issued Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Certificate No. 2014-001 - “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Programme for Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries in the Subacute Phase.”

This programme is intended for patients with functional impairment due to spinal cord damage as a result of injury or illness:

  • spinal cord contusion, rupture;
  • injury with or without vertebral fracture or dislocation;
  • acute spinal cord circulatory issues;
  • myelitis, epiduritis;
  • complex treatment of tumours of the spinal cord or spinal canal structures (including metastatic tumours); 
  • degenerative diseases of the spinal cord (spastic spinal paralysis, syringomyelia, etc.);
  • progressive myelopathy.

The aim of the programme is for patients to achieve the maximum functional independence according to the level and degree of spinal damage, to improve their ability to complete daily tasks, to learn to use aids according to their condition (e.g. wheelchair, walking aids, eating aids, etc.). Patients also receive recommendations on how to adapt their home living environment. Within the framework of rehabilitation, our team also helps to solve social issues (for example, advises on the possible granting of benefits, submission of documents for receiving state-paid technical aids).

During rehabilitation, patient's relatives are educated and trained on how to provide necessary support at home.

Rehabilitation is performed by a multi-professional team of rehabilitation specialists:

  • Physical and rehabilitation medicine doctor
  • Nurse, nursing assistant
  • Physiotherapist
  • Ergotherapist
  • Health promotion consultant
  • Hydrotherapy specialist
  • Psychologist
  • Equine therapy specialist
  • Art therapist
  • Technical orthopaedist

Rehabilitation includes also innovative evidence-based methods, robotic technologies (ARMEO exoskeleton for the arm and hand , Ekso GT exoskeleton for legs, ERIGO PRO robotic verticalisation tablevirtual reality therapy).

Doctor in charge of the programme: Dina Namniece

Patient registration by phone (Mon-Fri, 09:00-16:00): +371 67 147 294
or e-mail: