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Horse-riding therapy and Equine therapy

Riding therapy is a treatment method in which the main healer is a horse. It includes problem solving in the aspects of medical, psychological and social rehabilitation.

The rhythmic movements and the warmth of the horse are transferred to the patient, providing:

  • continuous muscle training of the rider;
  • normalisation of muscle tone;
  • stimulation of normal movement and increased activity;
  • improvement of coordination, balance and posture;
  • gait stimulation and training;
  • promotion of the patient's self-esteem, self-control and independence.

The riding therapy department offers:

  • Riding therapy for children and adults
  • Therapeutic horseback riding lessons for both children and adults
    • Lessons in the riding arena
    • Nature lessons
  • Equestrian sports for people with special needs

Please note that therapeutic horseback riding therapy is only available to those with a doctor's referral, subject to the assessment of the therapeutic horseback riding specialist!

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 10:00-17:00
Saturdays: 10:00-15:00
The heated riding arena and lift are closed to patients

Please apply in advance by phone:
+ 371 29415916