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Department of Education and Science

Department of Education and Science (hereinafter - DES) is a structural unit of NRC “Vaivari” with the purpose of being an internationally-renowned centre for education and research in the field of rehabilitation.

DES organizes, manages, supervises and coordinates continued education and professional improvement for “NRC” employees and also administrates and coordinates conduct of research work.

For any study carried out at the NRC Vaivari, the researcher has to submit application in 2 copies to the Education and Science department, located in Room 200A, to the NRC Vaivari Committee of Medical Ethics for review and approval. Applications shall be submitted at least 2 weeks before the meeting of the Committee of Medical Ethics. The Committee of Medical Ethics of NRC Vaivari reviews the applications on the last Wednesday of every month. (In 2019 - 30 January, 27 February, 27 March, 24 April, 29 May).

The DES is responsible for ensuring the training and managing of financial flow of those residents, who have legal employment relations with NRC “Vaivari” for the entire period of residentship or paid residents, who have contractual relations with NRC “Vaivari” for the entire period of residentship, or undergo certain training cycles in structural units of NRC “Vaivari, organization and supervision of the professional development of doctors, nursing staff and medical support staff, as well as providing support for training of medical college and university students in structural units of NRC “Vaivari”.

The DES is responsible for encouraging the creation of a scientific basis for conduct of research for the purpose of developing studies in academic and clinical medicine, and supporting research activities in the field of rehabilitation in line with priority directions. The scientific basis is created in accordance with international guidelines and norms.