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Paid rehabilitation services

If the patient does not meet the Cabinet-defined criteria for receiving medical services, paid for by the state budget, it is possible to receive these services by direct payment or on the account of third parties (institutions, organizations, insurance companies, etc.) in accordance with the NRC “Vaivari” paid service price-list.

In order to receive paid medical services, the patient (his/her doctor, relatives) have to contact the rehabilitation program by phone (in accordance with the diagnosis of the patient) and agree on a preferred treatment time.

What kind of documents are needed?

In order to receive paid medical services, the patient must present the following when arriving at NRC “Vaivari”:

  • passport; 
  • If medical expenses are covered by an institution or organization, a guarantee letter issued by this institution. 
  • Medical report from doctor with diagnosis.

In order to receive medical rehabilitation services, a contract shall be signed with the patient on the provision of rehabilitation services.